Lawrence Grocery Store


Ferrell W. Harper, clerk, outside Lawrence Grocery Store at 219 Haywood Road. Signs behind Harper are for Ball’s Barber Shop, owned by Enoch G. Ball, located at 225 Haywood Road. Lawrence Grocery operated at this location from 1935-1955.

Trolley Car on the West Asheville Line


Street car service on the West Asheville Line was available from May, 1911 to September, 1934. Operated by Asheville Power and Light Co., trolleys crossed the French Broad River over the 1911 concrete West Asheville Bridge. The route traveled along Haywood Road, around Beacham’s Curve, continuing to Jarrett’s Store.

The above image shows a trolley heading up from the river along tracks immediately next to Haywood Road. The photo was likely taken from a horse-drawn carriage traveling downhill, as you can see part of the harness in the lower right of the photo.

“Ed’s” Big Dollar Superette #1


“Ed’s” Big Dollar Superette #1, located at 415 Haywood Road, was only open from 1967-1968. “Ed’s” likely referred to Edna C. Cason, proprietress. This location housed many grocery stores over the years including one of three West Asheville locations of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. [1924-1940], Estes-Starnes Grocery [1942], Metcalf Grocery [1947-1950], and Brown’s Market [1953-1965].

Seller’s Cabinet Shop [1947-1965], with AAA Aluminum Co. and Kirby Co. of Asheville all at 417 Haywood Road, can be seen on the left side of this photo. These businesses were operated by Paul G. Sellers who lived upstairs.

Image: West Asheville History Project, Buncombe County Special Collections, I372-5.