168 Haywood Road

HOLE Hot Doughnuts and Fresh Coffee – Opened in 2014

HOLE Doughnuts is a small doughnut shop focusing on making the best doughnuts they know how to make! They use one dough and change up toppings by the week. Their dough takes 24 hours from start to finish and is all made by hand (other than an initial 2 minutes in the Hobart mixer). They use a non- sour pre ferment, cage free eggs, stone ground organic flour from Lindley Mills, unrefined cane sugar, sea salt, organic whole milk, and whole butter to make their doughnuts. They fry all of their doughnuts in rice bran oil.

Fresh coffee comes from PennyCup Coffee less than a mile away. They also serve milk and chocolate milk by the glass sourced from Farm to Home Milk. It is non-homogenized and 100% grass fed milk. The orange juice they serve is 100 % juice with pulp. HOLE’s prices reflect the use of these local ingredient choices and a commitment to pay above living wage to their wonderful employees. They hope you enjoy your doughnuts and your time at Hole when you visit!

The HOLE Doughnuts building was newly built for them; however, this area of Haywood Road has been, and continues to be the main travel route from the river and downtown Asheville into the heart of West Asheville.

Published July 2016.

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